David at Ziklag Strengthened in the Lord

Before king David became king of Israel, he spent many years hiding in the wilderness from the incumbent king Saul. At one point he got tired of running and hiding in the wilderness, so he left the land of Israel with his family, all his fighting men, and their families. They went to the land of the Philistines (an enemy of Israel) and got permission from the Philistines to settle in the area of Ziklag. It became their own little …


Temple Location Reveals God’s Heart

As we study how the location of the Hebrew temple was chosen, we can clearly see the intentions and heart of God towards us. God cares deeply for us and He often uses symbolic imagery to help us understand Him better.

During the reign of king David, the people of Israel were doing things unspecified in the Bible that were upsetting to God. In context of the whole Bible, upsetting God was usually caused by neglecting and rebelling against God. …