Importance of Sanctification

A believer is justified by faith in Christ. However, God gave us examples during the Exodus, that with continual sin there are serious consequences. The apostle Paul explained this in his epistles. Two examples used in this episode are found in 1 Corinthians and Galatians.…


How to Pray

Basics of Prayer
As a Christian, one of the main things is our connection with God. One of the primary avenues of this connection is prayer. It is a vital basic activity that any person can accomplish, the only requirement is faith or confidence that it is effective.

When I was a young believer I took the recommendation from others to set a time and place for when I would pray and let God know, as if I was making …

Understanding Fasting

What is Fasting?
• It is the abstaining of things for the benefit of God’s power to change situations.

Why do we fast?
• The spiritual principle of giving up something for the sake of something better is common knowledge in the history of mankind. The act of sacrifice is worship, that draws the favor of God into your life and situation.

How does it make a difference?
• In marriage there is submission that is forced and there is …